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playing, beyond.

By combining robotics with augmented reality, we create a new digital experience, colliding the open-real world with virtual platforms. 

The DROIMON is the first of its kind. A drone and a gaming console, all in one.

Stay always connected to your drone-pet through the app. Play multiple mini-games that influence its behaviour and capabilities. 

Your drone will learn, evolve and develop new skills.

Meet the Droimons




  • Auto-Leveling and incredibly stable
  • Auto-Landing / Auto-launching
  • Auto-Follow mode
  • Range up to 150m
  • GPS tracking
  • Fun time: easy-to-change-long-lasting-batteries


  • Mobile App + Flight Simulator
  • Mini games + challenges + quests
  • Artificial Intelligence + Evolve capability 
  • Pet interface + augmented reality 
  • Pre-programmable functions and actions 



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    the app




    Control your DROIDMON over the air and fly it with your phone. The app provides advanced flight planning and autonomous control for your pet-drone. Accomplish quests and defeat your AR enemies in real time while flying.

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    Interact with your DROIMON even when is not flying. Our in-app minigames will influence how your pet-drone reacts. Clean the bugs out of its eyes, connect the puzzle-electric-circuit or race through the city.



    Level up your DROIMON by winning battles, fullfilling challenges and playing games. The more you fly and play, the more your pet-drone will learn. Your DROIMON will unlock new features and better capabilities for you to discover.



    We are a startup/co-lab focusing on innovating the gaming world

    HQ: Barcelona, Spain.

    HUB: Kolkata, India.

    Media: Munich, Germany.




    Yxel Moreno

    Founder - Business & Synergies

    31yo. Barcelona, Spain.

    Born and raised in Venezuela, Yxel is an industrial engineer with a serious addiction to science fiction. Driven by the obnoxious desire to demand more and more of himself and with experience in managing projects and crazy ideas, his goal is to assemble, inspire and grow the Asimov team and take it to the stars. Literally.

    He won’t stop. 

    “The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds the most discoveries, is not "Eureka!" but “That's funny...”

    - Isaac Asimov

    arnab 2.jpg

    Arnab Chatterjee

    CO-Founder - Design & Prototyping

    24yo. Kolkata, India.

    Arnab is a Mechanical Engineer with expertise in Design and Manufacturing processes, having worked on multiple products and concepts. Recently won the contest "Design the future according to Elon Musk".

    Perfection, his life motto (and karma). 

    On the other hand, he's trained in Indian Classical music and an avid football (Soccer) fan. 

    "The true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing."

    - Isaac Asimov


    Daniel Kriesl

    CO-Founder - Media & Creative Producer

    32yo. Barcelona, Spain.

    To constantly thrive, and to broaden his horizon is what drives Daniel to become the best at his job as a creative media producer and director.

    He grew up in Germany with a passion for skateboarding and the arts. Like a sponge, he absorbs everything in his world and distills the essence of it to shape his vision as a film-maker. Always on the run, Daniel has been traveling the world helping top brands bringing their stories to life. This time is gonna be Asimov.

    "Never let your sense of morals get in the way of doing what's right"

    - Isaac Asimov




    UI/UX - Gaming Designer

    27yo. Noakhali, Bangladesh.

    Always with a big smile on his face, Himu has the super power of understanding what is needed and doing it, fast. He has been designing games for the past 7 years now. Dropped out from school to work with his dad and help his family. 

    Now, he keeps bringing food to the table but with his enormous designing talent.


    "I do not fear the computers, I fear the lack of them."

    - Isaac Asimov

    Our Office

    Plaça de Molina, 6

    Barcelona - 08006



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